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Welcome to my website
As you are here you have probably met me somewhere either on or offline or you have been recommended or you have simply searched the web and here you are.

Whatever the reason you have found me & have taken the time to investigate me & the services I provide further. I thank you.
This website is a potshot of who & what I am – please contact me if there is anything else you wish to know
A little bit about me
I have worked with Leadership and Management teams in the Public and Private sectors for over two decades, more recently with Entrepreneurs building their own business & consistently with people who want to change their lives. I was awarded a prize by the last Partnership I worked with for being Inspirational and a role model – a brilliant moment for my memories.

I am truly passionate about creating and supporting Leaders. That includes you the individual, Teams and Business that walk the talk, that are congruent and authentic. I will only work with those who truly desire to build and enhance their own credibility and skill set.

In the day of ‘now’ those who think that the skills of ‘yesteryear’ will suffice will find out differently, all of us, including me, need to continuously develop to keep up in a fast changing world or we will fade by the wayside.

It has never been so important to change and adopt new ways of, not only working but thinking and behaving as well. I do what I say so I have my own development plan, Coaches & Mentors – some paid & some not

The rest of the website will provide you far more information about what I do and I only do what I am passionate about – I personally can’t see the point of wasting time on ‘stuff’ that does not inspire me

In July 2011 I made the decision to do something different and being one who enjoys change I set of on a journey which has included Forex Trading, Internet Marketing, Multi Level Marketing finally resting with Property Investing to compliment my Mentoring, Coaching & Training to create my own Financial Freedom. The journey to date has been exciting and rewarding resulting in me publishing an article, appearing on a SKY Channel, speaking from stage plus lots more

Please contact me directly if you would like to know more

p.s I love my parents, travelling, the sunshine, happy people, good food (well any actually) & wine (now that I am specific about) & more – wishing you all a fabulous day and a fabulous life Emoji & my favorite colour is Yellow