Conscious Leadership

Without Leadership you follow and who do you follow?

My question to you is – Are you a Leader? Or are you being Led

arrow-upAre you leading you? and others? or are you simply following?

Your World,
Your Business,
Your Organisation,
Your Family

needs Conscious Leaders who are prepared to stand up & be counted to make a difference.

I have worked with Leadership and Management teams in the Public and Private sectors for nearly three decades, more recently with Entrepreneurs building their own business & consistently with people who want to change their lives.

I am truly passionate about creating and supporting Conscious Leaders, that includes you the individual, Teams and Business that walk the talk, that are congruent and authentic. I will only work with those who truly desire to build and enhance their own credibility and skill set.

I have worked with all levels of Leadership and Management from those aspiring to adopt a management role to those that have many years’ experience. I have worked with CEOs, SMTs and Entrepreneurs.

leading-birdsI am an innovative and forward-thinking Business Leader, Trainer, Mentor and Coach having personally worked with over 20,000 individuals and spoken to many more from stage at conferences inspiring change. 20,000 may not sound many to those of you reading this and who speak to audiences of thousands! But most of my work has been carried out in small select groups or 1-1.

Some of this number was whilst I had a job! And a lot has been since I have left the job mentality behind a number of years ago to become an Entrepreneur

I challenge the status quo with enthusiasm and forethought and I only work with Organisations and Individuals that desire to create greatness and to be the best they can be.

The process involves the acknowledgement and stretching of individual and group comfort zones, it involves change and challenge and results in the achievement of personal and business goals.

Some subjects I relish providing Training, Coaching or Mentoring on:

* Mentoring Training & Mentoring & Coaching of Mentors
* Coaching Training & Mentoring & Coaching of Coaches
* Entering the Entrepreneurial arena & mindset

Executive & Personal Performance Coaching
Relationship Management through the power of Language, Values and Motivation using the Strength
Deployment Inventory SDI
Leadership Development & Operating Transparently
Managing the Waves of Change
The Language of Success & Transparency
Principled Leadership
Creating the culture you want for your business & life
Networking for Success