Master Mentor

To be a ‘Master Mentor’ the Mentor will have received training on how to Mentor and what Mentoring is. Mentoring is a skill set that can be taught and can be learnt and is not as simple as most think.

A Mentor is the person you aspire to be!

  • They have the knowledge you desire
  • They have the Characteristics you admire
  • They have trod the path you wish to travel

mentoring-stairsThey will have the ability to transmit the information you require to you in a manner that you can adopt. They will willingly introduce you to their Network.

A Mentor is a catalyst for change – if you do not change the Mentor is not doing their job correctly!


Quantum change does occur when the right conditions are generated. Promoting movement in the right direction, identifying the barriers and removing them, a Master Mentor will help you to do this and will glory in your success without taking the credit for themselves.

Characteristics to look for in a ‘Master Mentor’:

  • Ability to Coach, teach and facilitate learning
  • A wide network of contacts and Influence
  • Discretion and Confidentiality
  • Commitment to the development of others
  • Role model attributes
  • Willingness to share experience and skills
  • Professional/academic experience
  • Ability to think through problems
  • Ability to give advice and then withdraw
  • Organisational skills
  • Personal and/or Professional success

           *I provide Training, Mentoring and Coaching on how to become a ‘Master Mentor’
           *I provide Training, Mentoring and Coaching on how to find a ‘Master Mentor’

The match must be a chosen one to be fully successful and should be consistent – the pairing is a Relationship that develops over time and does end – the 4 stage process should be considered before the start

I will be providing online training, workshops and 1-1s covering this subject please contact me if you wish to know more